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The Ameno Process: Crafting Brands with Heart and Artistry

Beyond Basics

At Ameno, we've fine-tuned our approach to save you from the mundane and elevate our initial interactions. Realizing that foundational knowledge can streamline our journey together, we've devised a process that's both informative and enriching. This method not only optimizes our time but allows us to present our thoughts and ideas visually and coherently, far surpassing what we could convey in a standard meeting.

Step 1: Personal Introductions

Our journey begins with genuine conversations, where trust and understanding are paramount. We delve into your brand’s essence, ambitions, and the narrative you wish to weave in the market. This phase is about listening, understanding your vision, and aligning our expertise with your unique story.

Step 2: Tailored Proposals

Grasping the essence of your needs, we craft a proposal that outlines the scope, timeline, and investment required. This stage is flexible, allowing for adjustments to ensure our plan fits perfectly with your objectives and budget, setting a clear path for our collaborative venture.

Step 3: Agreement and Commitment

With mutual agreement, we proceed to formalize our partnership through contracts and an initial deposit, ensuring a shared commitment to the project's success. This step solidifies our collaboration, setting the stage for the transformative journey ahead.

Step 4: Discovery and Insight

Embarking on a discovery journey, we aim to absorb every facet of your brand. This isn't about trivial gimmicks but a deep dive into your brand's core, fostering a profound understanding that guides our creative exploration.

Step 5: Visual Harmony through Moodboards

Before diving into design, we align our visions through Moodboards, ensuring a shared understanding of the aesthetic and emotional resonance of your brand, setting a foundation for the creative development.

Step 6: Crafting Identity

Post-approval of the conceptual direction, we delve into creating a visual identity that embodies your brand's ethos, balancing innovation with timeless appeal, showcasing our creative prowess in bringing your brand to life.

Step 7: Brandwork in Action

We stress-test the new identity across various mediums, ensuring its versatility and coherence in different contexts, providing a glimpse of your brand’s potential in action, not just in theory.

Step 8: Comprehensive Presentation

Presenting detailed brand options, we focus on depth rather than breadth, ensuring each direction is a robust contender for your brand’s future, facilitating a collective decision-making process.

Step 9: Feedback and Refinement

With a structured revision process, we refine and perfect the identity based on your feedback, ensuring the final outcome is not just acceptable but exceptional.

Step 10: Brand Rollout

We deliver a comprehensive suite of assets and a style guide, equipping you with the tools to maintain brand consistency, readying you for a successful market debut, and potential future collaborations for ongoing brand evolution.

Partnership and Enjoyment

The Ameno Process is more than a methodology; it’s an enjoyable journey of collaboration and creation. We cherish the relationships we build, often blurring the lines between client and friend, because at Ameno, we don’t just create brands; we forge lasting partnerships through shared success and creativity.


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